Card Controls

Allowing you to access your bank account and personalized card access and information with a dedicated app.

offering Members a seamless way to use and manage their cards

Card Controls offers a multitude of credit card management functions that creates control, convenience and transparency for your account.

how does Card Controls work?

You can enroll in Card Controls by downloading the United Card Controls app. Once you are enrolled, you’ll have access to greater control of your card(s) and enhanced visibility into your financial transactions, helping you make smarter spending decisions.

Card Controls lets you

Use cards easily
Manage cards on-the-go
Understand spending
Engage in up-to-date transaction alerts


A: Card Controls is a convenient way for you to manage your United credit cards through Online or Mobile Banking. Use Card Controls to set spending limits based on location, know where every card is stored online, turn cards on/off as needed, get total transaction transparency, and report lost/stolen cards in a few clicks.


  • Card controls and alerts
  • Perfect for digital wallets (Apple Pay®, Google Pay™)
  • Self-service features like turning a card on/off
  • Spend insights and up-to-date transaction details

A: Once you download the United Card Controls app and enroll, you’ll be able to access Card Controls features from the main United app or your Online Banking login.

A: You will need to download the United Card Controls app to get started, but can manage your credit card from the main United app afterwards.

Card Controls Privacy Notice

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