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Our Business Sweep services are a tune-up for your high-balance accounts.

Draft Sweep

Manage and connect multiple accounts with our Business Sweep Services. Sweep accounts can transfer extra cash into a dividend account or a commercial loan automatically, with same-day access.

A Draft Sweep moves funds from one share account to another, which allows one account to serve operational needs while the other works as a steady source of funds. You can choose from two different types of Draft Sweeps:

  • Standard Sweep – With this option, two checking accounts are linked. The target balance of the primary account may be set to any amount. At the end of the business day, funds are swept to or from the attached account to maintain the target balance.
  • Zero Balance Accounts Sweep – This is a Standard Sweep with a $0 target balance. At the end of the business day, funds are swept to or from the attached share account to maintain the $0 balance.

Let’s say your business has more than one location and each one has daily deposits. A Draft Sweep could automatically transfer all deposited funds to your preferred account. So if you need multiple business accounts but don’t want to store excess funds in them, a Draft Sweep might be best for you.

Loan Sweep

A Loan Sweep transfers funds between a share account and a business commercial loan.

This would work well for businesses that keep only small amounts of cash on hand and want the convenience of automatic transfers to a commercial loan account.

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